Ecomatcher is a HK-based tech startup bringing transparency and accountability into global tree-planting charities. They provide an app + Cloud data management platform to established NGOs for accurate logging of trees for adoption, and distribute these trees through multi-national corporates for scale. By keeping these sustainable efforts going, and keeping robust records, Ecomatcher hopes to introduce a new way for everyday consumers to contextualise their carbon footprint. 


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Zunosaki is a robotics engineering and distribution company spearheading its first product, Handy Rehab. Handy Rehab is a lightweight & wireless robotic glove that is patented and clinically proven to assist stroke rehabilitation to up to 90% of full motor control, and is set to complete commercial production by 1Q19. With an approachable consumer-grade model, the emphasis is on selling this cutting-edge product at affordable pricing levels to make technology work for all.

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"OurConservatory has been an amazing partner to Zunosaki. Stephanie not only helped us on pitch deck and financial model refinement, but also brought in invaluable insight for our commercial development. She swiftly identified our key to breakthrough and provided the necessary resources and connections. During the process, we sat down a good number of times to discuss and work on strengthening our SE’s foundation. 


We can always place our trust in Stephanie with her timely mannar and professional advice. She is always there when we need help with. 


It’s been our great pleasure working with OurConservatory. "

- Alvin Cheung, co-Founder & COO, Zunosaki

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