Establishing a funding curve for the social sector.

We hope to accelerate transactions in the nascent impact investing space through active dialogue and knowledge support.

Our aim is to introduce rigour and framework to the intuition and emotion that is the art and soul of giving. We bring:

  • Advisory - offering development support for founders from pre-funding to maturing stages; generating quality research for funders to identify future opportunities and resource allocation considerations.

  • Connectivity - facilitate discovery and dialogue between funders and founders, for improved transfer of funding, expertise and talent.

  • Transparency - providing due diligence and analysis on funding opportunities, as well as KYC on funders for more targeted fundraising.

  • Accountability - regular reviews and reporting as ongoing funder engagement and impact assessment; identifying problems as they emerge.

An impact "brokerage".
  • An emphasis on relationships. We want to get to know our investors and investees very, very well. This enables us to find the best match, and negotiate win-win deals.

  • We maintain "skin in the game" through performance-dependent fee structures, not equity. This keeps us asset-light.

  • A focus on debt instruments to promote flexibility.

  • There is no one-size-fits-all. Transactions happen when we can align value for that specific investor, with that specific investee.

  • We maintain objectivity and neutrality. We do not have an industry or cause focus - all projects that can simultaneously deliver financial and social returns deserve quality funding and support. 

Here at OurConservatory, our goal is to facilitate impact investments - one project at a time. Each project is a curated, customised labour of love. We believe that the inspiring funders & founders deserve nothing less.

To find out more about how this plays out to drive real changes in our world, please say - we look forward to hearing from you!

Collective impact.

We are truly grateful to be part of a local, regional and global community of change-makers who are dedicated to making the world a better place. 


We are proud to be members of:

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