Stephanie Choi, Founder

Stephanie has over 10 years' experience as a top tier, top-ranked institutional broker at Citigroup. She has a track record of adapting to a wide range of clients and products. Her institutional network spans from Europe to Asia, from sovereign wealth funds to multi-asset hedge funds. Her work with these clients brought her on extensive due diligence travel (factory and site visits, comparative strategy and operational analysis) and first-hand discussions with senior management of hundreds of top listed companies across Pan-Asian markets. 


This provided her with quality exposure and experience not only in product knowledge (equity, convertible bonds and derivatives), and also in foundational business and investment principles including corporate strategy, portfolio management and risk analysis.


She plays an active role in the local philanthropy and social enterprise space, including a place on Organisational Committee of Social Enterprise Summit, the largest and longest-standing social impact and innovation event in Hong Kong. 


Her guiding principles are curiosity, adaptability and integrity. She is driven by passion and belief in expanding the scope of traditional investments, and the importance of finding synergies between financial, strategic and social investment objectives. 

Stephanie holds an Economics degree from the University of Cambridge, where she was also awarded a Prince Philip Scholarship. Stephanie is currently based in Hong Kong, where she was born and bred, and is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Martina Tonizzo, Partner

Martina is an investment professional with over 10 years of experience in sustainable finance and impact investing. She spent her career in advisory and investment roles in development finance, working for multilateral development banks, consulting firms, and think tanks pursuing her goal to invest in impactful and sustainable projects to benefit the world’s least developed communities. In the past five years alone, as an investment specialist at the Asian Development Bank, Martina has worked on direct investments for a total of over $700 million to fund a project portfolio in excess of $12 billion assets. Project benefits, such as access to clean electricity and local economic opportunities, have reached thousands of people improving service affordability. Over her decade in the field, Martina has developed commercial acumen and knowledge of investment fundamentals coupled with a deep understanding of the challenges that communities face in delivering new initiatives to support socially impactful investments.

Martina joined OurConservatory with the aim to help grow innovative ventures that deliver risk-adjusted returns and address social and environmental challenges. Thanks to the consulting training in her earlier career, along with her investor’s skills, Martina has developed extensive knowledge of impact assessment and impact measurement methodologies. She is also an excellent project manager and comfortable speaker, able to communicate complex ideas succinctly to a large variety of audiences, including senior stakeholders.

Fiona Leung, Graphics Lead

Fiona is a freelance graphics designer with experience in illustrative text and graphics design for MNCs in both NYC and HK. Through this work, she caught a glimpse into how her love of design can be applied to enhance and project entrepreneurs' vision and message. Since then, she has been active in the local startup space, with a mission to maximise the impact of her work both on a social and commercial perspective. 

Fiona designed our beautiful corporate logo, which symbolises our core belief - that value can be delivered through the combination of passion and rigour. Fiona is our resident Graphics Lead, and is available to assist in marketing and graphics solutions for our projects. 

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Eugenia Lo

After a well-established professional career in financial and investigative due diligence and financial advisory, Eugenia re-focused efforts on strategic and venture philanthropy, social innovation and social entrepreneurship in 2016. As the former CEO of a Hong Kong NGO focused on venture philanthropy and impact investment, Eugenia advised social enterprise start-ups, addressing environmental, social inclusion and active ageing challenges in Hong Kong.  Eugenia remains closely involved in the local social sector through her work with a number of government-funded incubators, HK Social Enterprise Challenge, B-Corp Consulting Group members and private foundations in the active ageing space.  She has a keen interest in impact projects involving business strategy and sustainability, programme design and fundraising.

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OurConservatory is growing.

We are early-stage start-up that is constantly seeking partners and like-minded individuals in our quest to do good & do well. 

We are based in Hong Kong, but can offer flexibility for appropriate candidates. If interested, please send a cover letter and CV to

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