May 30, 2018

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Allocating to Impact Investments - how this looks in reality

November 2, 2018

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June 2018 // OurConservatory

July 1, 2018

Can I get more days in a month please? June went by in a whirl, and I only had 3 proper working days for OC in Hong Kong in the whole month!! 

This is a sign of the incredible momentum we're seeing in industry development in Hong Kong & Asia - such as:


Exciting news at Zunosaki - Prototype Ready!!!


Having secured SIE funding last month, Zunosaki has now produced a fully developed prototype (related press coverage on Singtao today) and will be proceeding to market trials!


Accessibility is a key bottleneck to mass adoption of robotics in stroke rehab, despite consistent evidence that it really helps - so Zunosaki's affordable, lightweight option may be a godsend! Read More


Speaking of the SIE Fund...

HK has appointed the new Taskforce for SIE Fund in the coming 2 years. In an interview, the outgoing Chairman Stephen Cheung commented that more proactive investments through equity or Social Impact Bonds could improve the efficiency and sustainability of the fund.

Recap - SIE Fund has historically focused on Matching grants, which lowers risk and due diligence risk. More proactive investment is welcome, of course, although this may require the establishment of a robust investment process for transparency and accountability. It is also possible to explore more creative and flexible ideas - e.g. the Israeli government's matching fund can multiply investments by qualifying institutional investors by 5x!


Official launch of SFi!

Congratulations to this all-star team on the successful launch of the Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFi) on June 22! With the tagline of "Capital that Matters", this initiative provides a platform to mobilise and attract increased adoption of sustainable investment principles in private portfolios. This crucial top-down effort to raise investment allocation is an important and significant development for the ecosystem in HK!



Visualising the Ecosystem

This year's AVPN conference in Singapore - the largest annual event in Asia on philanthropy and impact investing - coincided with the launch of their report on the "Continuum of Capital" from philanthropy to investment. This photo of the "CoC" board at the event is a visual representation of where people work within this ecosystem.




OurConservatory is focusing mainly on the "missing middle" - also referred to as the Valley of Death - as startups that have grown through grants and awards have to make the leap into commercial investment.

This is where information asymmetry is the worst, and why we believe we can help bridge the gap. Due diligence difficulties have caused a polarisation of resources into the very-early, or post-Series A, but this will inhibit sustainable growth of the whole industry...see our recent post on LinkedIn

From Singapore to London, and participation in this year's GIFT Young Leaders Programme - where we are contributing to an independent, cross-sector report on the DNA of Hong Kong - this has been an exciting month indeed! 

Looking forward to reporting on findings, next steps, and as always new deals :)

Enjoy the sunny long weekend in HK!



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